Huge Hyena Cart Promo! Open up your very own store for only ONE PENNY!


I am a HUGE fan of Hyena Cart so when I accidentally stumbled across the promotion today I was ecstatic!  Hyena Cart is an excellent platform for any small business mama or crafter who’s interested in possibly selling her wares to the public.

It’s super easy to use and customize and once you’re up and running there are no listing fees or final value fees, only one monthly $5 fee which you can pay when you’re ready to open up shop or if you’ve been closed for a few months you simply pay the $5 to re-open shop.

Having a new Hyena Cart set up for you usually costs $10 but Karen is running a special for a limited time where you only have to pay a PENNY!

So even if you’re not ready to open up and start selling tomorrow, you can sign up now and save yourself a nice little chunk of change, then work on opening your store when you ready!

Head on over and sign up to reserve your Hyena Cart URL now!

Visit this link for more details!


Make Connections!

In my experience I have learned that you must treat your online business like you would treat a local business. You have to promote yourself. If you were a local business you might hand out business cards, solicit local businesses that might be willing to hand out flyers, drive around with a sign/magnet on your car, etc.

In the virtual world you must converse with others in chat rooms and on message boards, make a name for yourself. Be helpful, honest, and friendly. You have to represent your business at all times. This has unfortunately put a damper on my posting about personal problems, etc. Keep in mind that what you say online can be found pretty easily with the click of a few buttons.

Instead of a sign on your car, put your business advertisement in your email signature, message board signatures, avatars, sign guestbooks with your name, comments, and link to your store. Look for opportunities to post helpful information and get your links out there.

When I get lazy about going out and promoting myself online, I see a drastic decline in the number of visitors to my site.

Look for opportunites to send in business cards and/or samples to other businesses that might be willing to include them in their outgoing orders. Join Yahoo Groups that allow business announcements, sales, and other spam.

More to come…