Sometimes I blog about nothing too!

It’s absolutely pouring down rain outside right now, the kids are playing NickJr on our other computer (which has great preschool age games by the way) and I have a moment to catch up on some work.  I especially have a lot of blogging to be done but the same dilemma plagues me day in and day out…what to blog about?

So I headed online to FaceBook, because we all know that when you have work to do the best thing to do is just space out while staring at your Facebook news feed.  So I started perusing the Facebook scene and I saw a post from one of my mentors, Michelle Shaeffer, who recently started a new blog called Daily Blogging Ideas.  At first I assumed that none of these blogging ideas could possibly apply to anything I blog about, but I was wrong. You’d really be surprised at the ideas that just pop into your head when reading other peoples ideas.

Like this post for example.  On Daily Blogging Ideas I saw an idea about how you could actually blog about NOTHING, and so here I sit, writing away about a nothing.  Although it has turned into something it seems.

So the moral of this post about nothing is to look for inspiration in unlikely places or places that flat out are likely places, like sites that give you blogging ideas! lol

Try blogging about nothing, I swear, you’ll get into it!