Services & Pricing

Social Media Management

Tiered Package Prices start at $175 per week *Contact me for more details
It’s all or nothing!  Developing a presence for your business on the various social media outlets takes time, energy and motivation, which also happen to be the three hardest traits to come by when you’re an entrepreneur/small business owner.  You probably work round the clock, or at least think about work round the clock, and barely have time for your own family and friends much less making “faux” friends and connections online, interacting with fans and potential customers just for fun, fielding questions, and networking with other businesses and brands…it can and is a daunting task, especially if you’re not up to it.

The trouble is that in order for you to not be wasting your time and money, these social endeavors have to be done right, from the start.  It’s the day to day interactions and responsiveness that grow your presence and build relationships with customers.  Responding to questions within a timely manner one week followed by not checking your FaceBook Page for three weeks after that is no way to do business.  You must be consistent.

Now that more and more business are connected with their clients via the social networks, customer support has moved there too.  If a customer has a question or issue, they’re more likely to head over to your FB Page or Twitter Acct and ask you there, than to look for a Contact Us button and send an email.  This translates to you having to be on top of things in order to not let your business reputation go south and in order to not miss out on opportunities to gain clients and make sales.

That’s where She Thinks Media comes in.  Let us manage your Social Media Accts for you!  With the proper balance of fresh content, promotions, announcements and interactions designed to engage fans and followers, your online presence is sure to blossom right before your very eyes.

Twitter and Facebook Events

Prices start at $250 *Contact me for more details
Twitter and Facebook Parties are intended to generate a buzz, either about your business in general or perhaps to kick off the launch of a new product or website.  By having an event you’ll be able to connect with your fans, followers, and customers on a more personal level creating brand loyalty.

The benefits of an event go beyond the actual participation on the night of the party.  The day to day promotion of your party and business for the 3-4 weeks preceding your party date generate traffic, increase fans, boost sales, mailing lists and significantly help get your name out there to the masses while building your customer base.

Events are customized to suit your needs and I strive to make each client’s event unique with innovative promotions and marketing strategies.

Blog Management

Prices vary depending on your blog and needs
Have contributors but just don’t have the time to manage them?  Want to attract contributors, share fresh content daily and promote your business and products through your blog?  I do it all.  Whether you need someone to write relevant blog posts, edit and publish blog posts, correspond with prospective contributors, manage giveaways or just need your blog set up and designed for you so that you can take the reigns, I can help! Contact me and let’s talk about what you need.

Website & Blog Redesign

Contact me for a free blog or website analysis
It’s important for your blog and website to be visually appealing.  I specialize in making the boring BRAND NEW again!  You might be surprised at how much it would help just to change a few graphics, the color scheme, logo or font.  Whatever your budget, I am sure there are plenty of ways I can help you out.

New WordPress Blog Setup & Design

Prices start at $425
Blogger or WordPress Blog Setup & Design includes full customization of a pre-made template of your choice.  Custom graphics, which you will own, stock photos, clip-art, animated banners, social media integration, widget setup and installation and much more!  *Plus 30 days of support to get you up to date on how to use your new blog!

Product & Lifestyle Photography

Since online shoppers can’t touch or feel a product before buying it, a lot depends on the quality of the product photos. A photo should give the customer a feel for how the product might feel, it’s quality, colors and more! Professional product photography is the only way to accurately represent professionally made products.

Let our photographer take the photos  for you, edit them and return them to you ready for web or print use. Prefer to take your own photos? I can work with that. If you’re on a tight budget there’s a chance I can work with your photos or instruct you on how to take the best photos for my editing. We can work something out!

Custom Logo Design

Prices from $275
Turn your business name and ideas into a logo that will last!

Thanks for reading, I look forward to working with you!