Green Team Distribution Achieves Triple Digit Growth in 2013

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Distributor of Eco-Friendly Children’s Products, Green Team Distribution, Achieves Triple Digit

South Paris, ME (January 16, 2014) – Manufacturer sales rep agency, Green Team Distribution, today announces it has achieved triple digit growth in 2013,

distributing 30 eco-friendly children’s brands to more than 185 children’s products retailers.


Kelly Wels, the founder of Green Team Distribution, says the significant year-to-year growth shows the increasing need for manufacturers to streamline their fulfillment

processes, as well as the desire for manufacturers and retailers to improve their relationships.


“We help manufacturers get their products into the hands of the retailers who in-turn sell those products to their customers. Retailers trust the brands we carry and enjoy the

benefits that come along with working with a distributor, such as one-stop ordering of multiple brands within a single ecommerce platform, no minimum order limits that tie up

a retailer’s capital, and pre-qualified products by someone with deep understanding of the industry.”


For 10 years, Wels ran an eco-friendly ecommerce site, which she sold in 2010. In September 2011, she started Green Team Distribution.


“We work hard to strengthen relationships between brands and retailers by helping each party work together harmoniously,” adds Wels.

Piggy Paint, Green Toys, Earth Mama Angel Baby, Lunette and eco-kids are among the 30 eco-friendly children’s products Green Team Distribution distributes.

Kip Weeks, the founder of eco-kids, the manufacturer of environmentally-friendly art supplies for kids, says distribution through Green Team Distribution has helped him

improve his retail sales and streamline the way he works with retailers.  “Green Team Distribution has made it easier for us to handle wholesale orders of all

sizes without creating additional burden on our fulfillment staff. Plus, I know retailers trust the products Kelly sources because she is extremely knowledgeable about the

industry, and she infuses instant credibility in the brands she carries,” says Weeks.


To learn more about Green Team Distribution, please visit


About Green Team Distribution

Green Team Distribution is a manufacturer sales rep firm specializing in the distribution of eco-friendly children’s products. The company distributes nearly 30 eco-friendly

children’s brands including 5 Phases, Babytime by Episencial, Diaper Dawgs, Earth Mama Angel Baby, eco-kids, Eucalan, Green Toys, Hip Peas, Little Twig,

Maggie’s Naturals, Simple Nature, and Tree Hopper Toys to name a few. For more information about distributing your product through Green Team Distribution, or to

purchase any of these products at wholesale (qualified retailers only), please visit

The battle for originality and individuality…

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The battle for originality and individuality in blogging, business and media.

Creativity and innovation are not easy to come by.  Some are naturally gifted, unique ideas flow without much effort, or so it seems.  But with the the world wide web, can you be truly unique and/or original and is it possible to set yourself apart from the rest, even if it is just for a brief moment in time?  What exactly is originality?

noun \?-?ri-j?-?na-l?-t?\

Definition of ORIGINALITY (according to Merriam-Webster)

  • the quality or state of being original
  • freshness of aspect, design, or style
  • the power of independent thought or constructive imagination

From my experience having been an online retailer I realized quick that your “admirers” a.k.a. competitors keep a close eye on everything you do, and you may do the same, in fact if you’re smart you WILL do the same.  For the most part they do it in private, they can read your pages, follow your blog, twitter, facebook, etc. and keep tabs on your every move.  They can even copy your every move if they really want to.  So after pouring over your new package deal or promotion or other new concept, they can essentially rewrite your idea and pretty much instantly begin competing against you using it.  Sad but true.

Aside from watermarking your photos, what can you do?  If you suspect someone of copying your content a little too closely then you can try and contact them, but do you really have time to look over everyone else’s sites and try to determine if they may or may no have copied you?  What good is that going to do you?

So what can you do?  In my opinion all you can do is keep moving, keep innovating and continue trying to outdo yourself.  While the feeling your being copied is discouraging, it’s not the end of the world.  I like to think that internet karma will prevail.

Essentially, to succeed in business, blogging and marketing online, whether you feel you’re being watched or not, you should live and work like you are.  Remain passionate about what you do, continue to challenge yourself, strive to be inventive and unique and although keeping an eye on the competition is important, don’t let it paralyze you.  Think you may have a copy cat?  Feel flattered.  No one wants to copy someone who they don’t think highly of.  If someone considers you their competition, their rival, then let it inspire you to keep moving in the direction you’re headed.

This is just my two cents.  What are your thoughts?  Ever felt like you’re being watched?


Huge Hyena Cart Promo! Open up your very own store for only ONE PENNY!


I am a HUGE fan of Hyena Cart so when I accidentally stumbled across the promotion today I was ecstatic!  Hyena Cart is an excellent platform for any small business mama or crafter who’s interested in possibly selling her wares to the public.

It’s super easy to use and customize and once you’re up and running there are no listing fees or final value fees, only one monthly $5 fee which you can pay when you’re ready to open up shop or if you’ve been closed for a few months you simply pay the $5 to re-open shop.

Having a new Hyena Cart set up for you usually costs $10 but Karen is running a special for a limited time where you only have to pay a PENNY!

So even if you’re not ready to open up and start selling tomorrow, you can sign up now and save yourself a nice little chunk of change, then work on opening your store when you ready!

Head on over and sign up to reserve your Hyena Cart URL now!

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Make Connections!

In my experience I have learned that you must treat your online business like you would treat a local business. You have to promote yourself. If you were a local business you might hand out business cards, solicit local businesses that might be willing to hand out flyers, drive around with a sign/magnet on your car, etc.

In the virtual world you must converse with others in chat rooms and on message boards, make a name for yourself. Be helpful, honest, and friendly. You have to represent your business at all times. This has unfortunately put a damper on my posting about personal problems, etc. Keep in mind that what you say online can be found pretty easily with the click of a few buttons.

Instead of a sign on your car, put your business advertisement in your email signature, message board signatures, avatars, sign guestbooks with your name, comments, and link to your store. Look for opportunities to post helpful information and get your links out there.

When I get lazy about going out and promoting myself online, I see a drastic decline in the number of visitors to my site.

Look for opportunites to send in business cards and/or samples to other businesses that might be willing to include them in their outgoing orders. Join Yahoo Groups that allow business announcements, sales, and other spam.

More to come…

Email & Newsletter Help

I am in the process of trying EmailBrain. Looks like a fairly easy online program where you can upload mailing lists and send out custom emails. I am going to give it a try, there’s 1 Month FREE!

I do experience an increase in hits after posting messages to my yahoo group but sending a custom email newsletter seems much more professional to me.

I will let you know how easy this is to use and whether or not I find it effective.

Content is the key to success!

Well I have been in business for myself now for approximately 8 months. My first site was built and hosted through High Power Sites. I didn’t have a lot of start up cash and really needed a site that I could design myself and not have to hire someone. Well you get what you pay for! I must say $19.99 per month and no sign up or design fees did seem like a really good deal and I would recommend them to anyone who needs an all-in-one deal with no more in their budget than $20 bucks.

The drawbacks….They didn’t play very nice with Google, and if there’s one thing I’ve learned in the last 8 months it’s that Google is Golden. I would check my StatCounter daily and I was getting no love from any search engines, and when I did it was because someone actually Googled my site’s name. I tried creating a Google Site Map through my web provider and it just wouldn’t work properly, technical support would just tell me it was an issue they were working on.

So long story short, I have a new site that is professionally designed. Keywords, MetaTags, SiteMaps and all and I saw a great improvement in the amount of visitors to my site. But by far, the most improvement on my search engine referrals has come after I built up my sites content. I improved my Frequently Asked Questions page and actually pasted all my information rather than just linking to it. I also added a page where I talked about the different brands I carry and I posted the content from the Newspaper Article that had been written about me. After these few boosts to my sites content, I began to see hits on my site from tons of search querys. Queries that didn’t always apply to me or my business but either way you look at it, showing up on the first page of a Google search is a great accomplishment for me.

So, my advice is that you go to your site now and type, type, type. Create detailed informational descriptions of your products or services, frequently asked questions, how-to guides, policies, post tips and articles, treat it like a blog if you have to. The more content you have, the more keyword combinations you’ll have for showing up on Google searches.

Good Luck!