Green Team Distribution Achieves Triple Digit Growth in 2013

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Distributor of Eco-Friendly Children’s Products, Green Team Distribution, Achieves Triple Digit

South Paris, ME (January 16, 2014) – Manufacturer sales rep agency, Green Team Distribution, today announces it has achieved triple digit growth in 2013,

distributing 30 eco-friendly children’s brands to more than 185 children’s products retailers.


Kelly Wels, the founder of Green Team Distribution, says the significant year-to-year growth shows the increasing need for manufacturers to streamline their fulfillment

processes, as well as the desire for manufacturers and retailers to improve their relationships.


“We help manufacturers get their products into the hands of the retailers who in-turn sell those products to their customers. Retailers trust the brands we carry and enjoy the

benefits that come along with working with a distributor, such as one-stop ordering of multiple brands within a single ecommerce platform, no minimum order limits that tie up

a retailer’s capital, and pre-qualified products by someone with deep understanding of the industry.”


For 10 years, Wels ran an eco-friendly ecommerce site, which she sold in 2010. In September 2011, she started Green Team Distribution.


“We work hard to strengthen relationships between brands and retailers by helping each party work together harmoniously,” adds Wels.

Piggy Paint, Green Toys, Earth Mama Angel Baby, Lunette and eco-kids are among the 30 eco-friendly children’s products Green Team Distribution distributes.

Kip Weeks, the founder of eco-kids, the manufacturer of environmentally-friendly art supplies for kids, says distribution through Green Team Distribution has helped him

improve his retail sales and streamline the way he works with retailers.  “Green Team Distribution has made it easier for us to handle wholesale orders of all

sizes without creating additional burden on our fulfillment staff. Plus, I know retailers trust the products Kelly sources because she is extremely knowledgeable about the

industry, and she infuses instant credibility in the brands she carries,” says Weeks.


To learn more about Green Team Distribution, please visit


About Green Team Distribution

Green Team Distribution is a manufacturer sales rep firm specializing in the distribution of eco-friendly children’s products. The company distributes nearly 30 eco-friendly

children’s brands including 5 Phases, Babytime by Episencial, Diaper Dawgs, Earth Mama Angel Baby, eco-kids, Eucalan, Green Toys, Hip Peas, Little Twig,

Maggie’s Naturals, Simple Nature, and Tree Hopper Toys to name a few. For more information about distributing your product through Green Team Distribution, or to

purchase any of these products at wholesale (qualified retailers only), please visit

BlogHer Conferences, Where do the opportunities lie?


I can’t help but look back, with two BlogHer Conferences under my belt, and wonder about the opportunities past, present and future.

Hushed talk of swag-a-holics and those only interested in attending to “connect with brands” take place across twitter, blogs, facebook groups and more.   I personally was blown away to learn that some who attend BlogHer do not actually show up to or plan on attending any conference sponsored parties, sessions or events.   To me this makes no sense at all.

I feel that if bloggers are truly interested in connecting with brands and working with them in the future, why are they looking everywhere but at their fellow bloggers?  Do they not recognize that many of the women in attendance do represent brands, some even own their own brands, even though they’re not throwing a private party or hosting a booth at the expo hall?

I got an overwhelming feeling when visiting the brands at the Expo Hall this year, I felt they were exhausted, overstimulated and had that “Oh god, I don’t care if I ever see another female blogger in my life” look on their face.  To me, not the best scenario to walk into when trying to make a lasting impression.  After all, are the folks at the booths and at private parties actually in the position to make a connection with you?  I think not.

Even if Joe Schmoe at XYZ booth was the CEO of that company, what sort of connection do you stand a chance of making when you’re the 3,426th woman to give him your card and make pleasantries?  I don’t think many have any hope at making an impression.

You might be wondering, why would they be sponsoring then, if they’re not interested in making connections?  Well, they’re sponsoring because in giving you free stuff, you’re likely to give a tweet or two about them, perhaps include them in a video response or blog post and multiplied by 2-3-4,000 bloggers, they’ve got a chance at getting some pretty great promotion by being a sponsor/vendor.

Real connections?  These I feel were overlooked by many.

Real opportunities?  These were the women sitting alone at lunch or breakfast, chatting with a few at a party or sitting next to you at a session.  Sure, you might have thought that you’re not there to make friends, but in attempting to make connections with even the most unassuming person there, you stand the chance at becoming that brands next ambassador, obtaining a future review/giveaway, making an impression, and building a reputation for yourself.

There are many types of blogs, many BlogHer intentions and many goals.  Free coupons, t-shirts, toys, makeup and re-usuable shopping bags…sure those are fun.  But long term, will you be remembered by those who placed those items in your hand?  Was it even their goal TO remember you?

Top 10 BlogHer Newbie Observations, the short list!

blogher interview

Woah mamas!  What a rush the last four days have been!  I’m on a plane now and on my way home from my first BlogHer.  Many more detailed BlogHer posts to come but for now I thought I’d do a quick re-cap on my newbie BlogHer observations.

  1. Prepare to be exhausted!  I had no idea…
  2. When you see people suggest you wear comfortable shoes, they aren’t kidding. (I have the blisters to prove it)
  3. It’s really not that fancy.  I stressed to no end over what I would wear and was pleasantly surprised to find most of the women were dressed really casual, even at the parties. Jeans and a comfy shirt, flats or flip flops and you’re good to go.  Just be yourself!
  4. Socializing is hard work!  For someone who is social day in and day out online, there’s absolutely no comparison to socializing in real life, face-to-face.  It was hard, not everyone is cut out for that aspect of the trip.
  5. Swag!  Yes, there was free stuff.  I have a whole suitcase full and that was with very minimal effort and no special swag parties.  I can not imagine the amount that some must have had to take home and the cost to ship it.
  6. Get to know your audience and fans BEFORE you go!  I felt bad that I wasn’t able to recognize so many people and associate their names with their faces or their blogs with their twitter handles.  I wish I’d done my homework a little more so that I wouldn’t have felt like such a dweeb when it came to meeting people and realizing that I had absolutely no clue who anyone was…
  7. Food!  Although the cost of the trip can be overwhelming, the free food; breakfast, lunch dinner, snacks, beverages and alcohol was free!  That really does save you a ton when it comes to budgeting for your trip.
  8. Roommates!  One is good, you’ll have a buddy.  More than that and I think you’d be sorry.  Because the trip is so exhausting it is nice to have a quiet room to go back to and unwind, the more roommates you have the less time you’ll have for sleeping and R & R.
  9. Private Parties?  I found out when I was there that the private parties were set up in advance and invites/rsvp’s were obtained prior to the event.  Look for tweets about various private events if you’re interested and then email people for details.  Looked to me like there would be a lot of work involved in scoping them all out.  May not be worth it to everyone. I don’t feel like I missed anything important by not attending any.
  10. Have fun and don’t be afraid to go it alone!  The women attending BlogHer are super friendly and there are a ton of people to talk to and a lot of people who are also going solo.  You won’t have a problem walking up and making conversation and if you don’t someone is sure to approach you.

Well that’s my quick take on suggestions for newbies based upon what I just experienced.  BlogHer’12 will be in New York City next year so start planning now if this is something you think you’d like to attend.  Make it happen just like I did!


Auto-Tweets, Are they bad for business?


New updates, improvements and automations are announced daily regarding social media networks and their relationships with each other.  Most seem to be a huge blessing, a much needed improvement that has arrived to make your life easier.  Set them up and you’ll be on the fast track to growing your business with a lot less effort on your part, or will you?

The question at hand…Should you rush in to automating tweets?

I think it’s important to truly understand the purpose of Twitter, how it can work for you, and how it can work against you.

The most benefits to be had are gained by making connections, not just spamming as many followers as you possibly can.  Connections are made by actually “connecting” with others.

What do I mean exactly when I say connecting?  I mean being present, reading your followers tweets, commenting back, re-tweeting when they ask, when you see a tweet worthy of sharing with others, or when you want to help another blogger or business owner out by sharing their link, etc.

When I say “present” I don’t mean that you have to be on twitter 24/7 in order to read and respond to everything, I mean checking your twitter acct just as you would your phone’s voicemail or your email.

Why is this important?  Well after FaceBoook gave you the ability to autotweet your facebook status updates or fan page posts, people who had a twitter acct but rarely used it, they just became a whole lot more active on twitter!  The problem…They aren’t actually on twitter.

Imagine this, you ask your facebook fans “I’m bored, what should I do?” or you ask “Do you have any suggestions for my website or ideas for future blog posts?”  You wait, you see comments on your FB Page and you respond.

But what about twitter?  I bet you forgot that those same questions are being asked, pretty much broadcast, to all your twitter followers as well.  They don’t know that you’ve asked it on FaceBook, they think you’ve asked them, on twitter.  So they respond, maybe out of courtesy or perhaps out of genuine interest, they may even be a past, present or future customer of yours.  Sometimes they respond with a question, sometimes just with an idea or comment that you’d normally respond to with a “thank you.”  But you know what?  They’re talking to you and you aren’t listening.

So, wrapping this up…  I am not saying auto-tweets aren’t convenient and can’t work to your advantage, but I am saying that you should realize that you might be “accidentally” engaging customers and followers in a seemingly one-sided conversation on Twitter.  Let this article serve as your friendly reminder, check your twitter account regularly and make sure that you are diligently responding to your replies and messages.

I hope you found this post informative! Let me know if you have any questions or comments.


TweetChat Tutorial: How to participate in a Twitter Chat or Twitter Party.

Each week I have the privilege of getting to participate in weekly #clothdiapers chats on twitter and each week I post reminder’s that “It’s Monday night!  Time for the #clothdiapers chat!”  So many of you are able to participate and so many of you want to but just don’t know how.

Recently I made a Youtube Video/Slideshow explaining how to use TweetChat to participate in a Twitter Party or Twitter Chat but since not everyone can watch videos I figured I’d do a photo tutorial/explanation as well.

First thing you’ll do (assuming you have a Twitter acct) is go to

Next, you will log in to your Twitter Acct through TweetChat.  You do not have to sign up for anything and they do not have access to your password.  You sign in and grant access.

After you’re logged in to your Twitter Acct via TweetChat you will have the chance to enter your #hashtag in the box at the top of the screen.  The Hashtag is going to filter out every other thing on twitter and only show you tweets that have that same attached hashtag.  For the purpose of this tutorial I used the #clothdiapers hashtag.  For Twitter parties you’ll want to use the designated hashtag for that party.
After entering the #clothdiapers Hashtag you’ll see the most recent posts using that hashtag as well as any live tweets using it, in real time.
Now when you type a tweet it, TweetChat will automatically attach the hashtag that you specified to it.  You will then see your Tweets appearing in the list of tweets before you.
If the tweets are moving too fast for you to keep up then you can adjust your refresh speed as seen in the photo above.
Next thing you need to notice is that your tweets and any tweets that are directed to you or in reply to you will be highlighted and will stand out from the rest of the tweets.  (see photo above)
Lastly, you should know that you can “star” important tweets so that you can go back and respond later.  Or in the event someone shared a link that you want to check out, etc you will easily be able to find them.  Next to the “star” you will also see a way to respond/reply to a person’s tweet or to “retweet” a tweet that you like.
These are the basics of participating in a Twitter Chat or Twitter Party.  If you plan on attending a Twitter Party and never have before then I suggest you try a couple Twitter Chats first.  Cloth Diaper Twitter Chats are Monday nights, every week, at 9:00pm eastern.
Have any questions?  Feel free to contact me by commenting here or on my FaceBook Page. I hope to see you on Twitter soon!

The Cloth Diaper Geek & She Thinks Media are looking for BlogHer Sponsors!

Will work for BlogHer Sponsorships…

Hello! Thank you for reading beyond the first sentence!  Perhaps you’re interested in finding out more about what’s involved in sponsoring the Cloth Diaper Geek and She Thinks Media?  That’s great!

First of all let me explain that this will be my first trip to BlogHer!  BlogHer is 2-day female bloggers conference where bloggers and business owners go to network, share, grow, learn and have fun!  I’m primarily going for the learning part… :)

I’m offering different sponsorship opportunities to suit different businesses needs.  I’m a social media and marketing professional, freelance writer/blog contributor for many blogs, and overall online social butterfly (on behalf of my clients).  I’m not asking that you simply sponsor for fun or just because you can, I’m asking that you sponsor me and let me earn my way to BlogHer by allowing me to work for your company in various ways through the end of the year.

Here’s what I am offering as a marketing/advertising special:

Platinum Sponsorship (You receive the following through Dec 31, 2011) $200.00 *limited number of Platinum Sponsors available.

  • 2 posts per month (which I will write unless you want to provide them) on my blog ( about anything you like.  Posts could promote a specific sale,  your store in general, a giveaway, etc.  These posts will also be cross promoted on my FaceBook Page and Twitter.  If you prefer I could contribute 2 posts per month to you for use on your blog in lieu of posting about you on my blog.
  • Large graphic, (which I will make for you) to use in the rotating banner spot you see on my Cloth Diaper Geek Blog.  Approximate size is 500×300.  Graphic and text will promote whatever you like and can be changed as desired through the end of the year.
  • 125×125 ad space on both my blogs Cloth Diaper Geek and She Thinks Mom through the end of the year.  If you do not have a graphic to use I will make one for you.
  • Shoutouts via FaceBook and Twitter, throughout each month, linking to your FaceBook Page or Twitter Acct.
  • Text link in Cloth Diaper Geek toolbar under “Where to Shop
  • Twitter shoutouts during the popular Twitter Cloth Diaper Chats which occur Monday nights.  (1 shoutout with a link to your store, per week, through the end of the year.)

Silver Sponsorship (You receive the following through Dec 31, 2011) $100.00

  • 1 post per month (which I will write unless you want to provide it to me) on my blog ( about anything you like.  Posts could promote a specific sale,  your store in general, a giveaway, etc.  These posts will also be cross promoted on my FaceBook Page and Twitter.  If you prefer I could contribute 1 post per month to you for use on your blog in lieu of posting about you on my blog.
  • 125×125 ad space on my blog through the end of the year.  If you do not have a graphic to use I will make one for you.
  • Twitter shoutouts, 3-4 per month, referring customers with a link to your store.

Bronze Sponsorship (You receive the following through Dec 31, 2011) $50.00

  • 125×125 as space on my Cloth Diaper Geek Blog through the end of the year. If you do not have a graphic to use I will make one for you.

Don’t see a sponsor package that suits your needs?  Want to hire me for something different or customize a package to suit your needs?  Email me at shethinksmedia(at)

Want to snag one of these sponsor opportunities?  Contact me!

Having trouble getting sponsors for your blog? Read my advice! Part 1

In this post I’d like to discuss how to be successful at attracting sponsors to your blog.  I’ve been a sponsor and in many ways, through my clients, I still work with bloggers and sponsor giveaways, reviews and more.

I know if you’re a new blogger or just wanting to get into the market of hosting reviews/giveaways on your blog it can seem like daunting work trying to get a sponsor.  You send numerous emails and you probably get very few responses, even just to say no.

What you need to remember is that sposnors/retailers/manufacturers get tons of emails a week requesting to do a giveaway or review.  If I had to guess I’d estimate 20-30 emails a week and that’s being conservative, for the really popular brands/stores it’s probably much more.

So you have a lot of other bloggers to compete with.  This means that the sponsors have to be super selective and try to determine which blogs would be more beneficial.

Things that sponsors take into consideration…

  • Number #1, how was your email to them written?  Make it as personal as possible.  I can’t tell you how many times I’ve gotten an email and it’s obviously generic, the blogger even forgot to change my sites name or product name out with the last person they sent the email to.
  • If you make it past number one…They check out how many blog followers you have. Which means you need to make sure that information can be found on your blog or you need to include it in your emails.
  • They look at your FaceBook Page if you have one and see if you promote your giveaways there, how many fans you have, etc.
  • They look at your blogs content besides just giveaways and sales announcements.  Remember they want to know that people trust your opinion and will read your reviews, possibly even click through and buy their product because you recommended it.  No quality content means that your followers might not actually be reading your posts and might just be there for the free stuff.
  • They check out your design.  It’s not just all about who has a nicer design but a nice presentation for their product or store is important.
  • They look at your past giveaways and reviews.  Did you thoroughly review products or just post a couple sentences and get on with the giveaway.  Did you include your own personal photos of the products you review? This is very important.  Or did you just grab stock photos and descriptions from the sponsors site?  Did you promote the sponsors throughout the post with links and make sure that you’re sponsors are promoted in the various ways to enter the giveaways?
  • How many entries did you get for your previous giveaways?  If a blogger has a thousand followers but their giveaways are only yielding 50-100 entries then something is wrong.  Either it wasn’t promoted properly or was too complicated to enter.

What to do if you don’t have enough experience or are a new blogger?

  • Practice reviewing products on your blog by reviewing things you already have!  It’s free and it will make your blog look good.  Review a cloth diaper you already have, or your favorite laundry detergent, blender, book, etc.
  • Take nice photos of the products you review, don’t just use generic pics you grabbed off the internet.
  • Consider doing a video review for your blog and share it on youtube! Sponsors love this.
  • Hold some giveaways on your own! You don’t always need someone to sponsor.  If you got a Buy 1 Get 1 of your favorite lotion then write a review and host a giveaway.  Get some practice under your belt and have giveaways for future sponsors to take a look at.
  • Offer benefits to your sponsors.  In addition to a giveaway, which benefits you just as much or more than it does them, offer to advertise their site on your blog free for a month when they sponsor.
  • You don’t always need one product for yourself.  Sometimes sponsors are way more inclined to sponsor your giveaway when they hear “I love your XYZ product and will be reviewing it, I was wondering if you’d like to sponsor a giveaway?” Keep in mind that having a giveaway gets you new followers and often the manufacturer or store promotes YOU on their FaceBook Page, Blog or Website.  Take one for the team!  To get some experience under your belt consider skipping the part where you ask for something for yourself.
  • Be creative!  There has been quite a boom in the review/giveaway business. You need to find ways to set yourself apart from the rest and make sponsors stand up and take notice of what you have to offer them that others don’t.

So that’s it in a nutshell. A quick rundown of what I think works and where I think a lot of bloggers go wrong.

I’d love to know what you think of this post. Please share your comments here and also become a Fan of SheThinksMedia  on FaceBook!